Ocean Medallion

We introducing Ocean Medallion

We’re excited to introduce Ocean Medallion Class. This exclusive innovation debuts on Regal Princess in November 2017, and it will transform your cruise experience by giving you a truly personalised and seamless holiday. We put you at the heart of everything we do, anticipating your wants and desires to create personal moments that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Ocean Medallion

It all begins with a complimentary Ocean Medallion sent to you in the post before your holiday. The Ocean Medallion is your portal to amazing holiday possibilities and travel experiences. It’s the size of a 10p piece and is the key to your stateroom and to experiences you won’t find anywhere else. The Ocean Medallion can be worn as a pendant, on a wristband or simply placed in a pocket or bag. You don’t need to remember to turn it on or off, there’s no need to monitor it, or charge it. It simply works without you needing to do a thing and it anticipates your every need.

Ocean Compass

This is your guide and acts like a cruise planner and concierge. With touchscreens throughout the ship, your stateroom TV and your own mobile device, Ocean Compass helps you navigate your ship and your cruise. You’ll see notifications and recommendations tailored for you, from dining to adventures in port. If you don’t want to take advantage of the full Ocean Medallion Class experience, you can switch your privacy setting to “safety only” and enjoy your cruise the same as you would today. The benefits include:

  • Streamlined the embarkation and disembarkation process
  • You can purchase services, excursions and food and drink
  • Provides enhanced dining experiences based on your own preferences
  • Create an array of interactive and gaming and other personalised entertainment with PlayOcean
  • Lock and unlock your stateroom door
  • Enhanced interaction with crew members, fellow guests and travel companions
  • Accessible through your Ocean Compass, Ocean Navigate helps you locate your friends and family via their Ocean Medallions. So you can give your children a little freedom and yourself peace of mind.

The Ocean Medallion launches on 13 November 2017 on Regal Princess, followed by Royal Princess on 19 January 2018, Caribbean Princess on 18 March 2018, Island Princess on 16 May 2018, Crown Princess and Golden Princess in November 2018 and Ruby Princess in January 2019. Look out for this symbol on the itinerary pages to see which cruises feature this new innovation. These dates are subject to change.


Ocean Concierge

Once you set up your profile, your crew is fully briefed on all your preferences, and you don’t need to mention requests or choices again. Ocean Concierge sends you suggestions and invitations to events and activities onboard and ashore, based on your preferences, and our crew will do everything they can to make your time with us special. Ocean Concierge will help in a number of ways:

  • Finding your way to venues around the ship
  • Making reservations at the Lotus Spa, speciality dining restaurants and shore excursions
  • Arranging celebrations


With Here & Now, if you forgot your sunscreen and your children left their goggles at home, you can have them delivered to you poolside, along with a drink.


Enjoying stargazing with discovery at sea, but want a hot chocolate? It’s easy to order with Here & Now.


And with There & Then, order a glass of wine while dressing for the theatre and it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the show.

Ocean Ready

Experience the difference before you even step onboard and enjoy a faster start to your holiday with Ocean Ready. Simply upload your documentation online and set your preferences ahead of time and you can just walk onboard. It’s that simple.